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Cosmetic TatToo

Glow Beauty Services offer a range of cosmetic brow tattoo techniques to match your brow goals. We offer feather, ombrè and combination brows for that extra impact.

What about subtle rose coloured lips? Glow Beauty Services offers lip tattoo for the perfect pout. 

An initial consultation with Jacqui will confirm what technique and colour that suits your needs and skin type.

Feather Brows/Microblading - $399

A Natural fuller brow using fine hair like strokes throughout the brow to mimic the natural hair growth.

This technique is best for clients with minimal pores/dry skin.

This is not suitable for oily skin types.

Ombrè/Powder - $450

Perfect for those who want a more defined brow.

Shaded from the tail through to the middle of the brow, then gradually softening through to the front.

This is the best option for oily skin/large pores as it tends to hold longer.

This is the most popular technique!

Combination Brows - $499

Blend of both hair strokes and shading techniques.

This option is a slightly ‘heavier’ look - fullness from the front of the brow through to the tail.

Hair strokes at the front of the brow then shaded through to the tail. 

This is suitable for clients with minimal pores/dry skin type.

Lip Tattoo- $499

Semi-permanent lip liner and colour are applied to create a semi-permanent outline on the border of your lip with a special pigment.

The lip is then shaded on the surface to create, soft and wearable colour.

Touch ups may be required every so often to maintain the desired shade and outline. 

Ombrè Brows
Combination Brows

Brow & LIP Touch Up/Refresh



All BROW Techniques

6 - 8 weeks $150

6 - 12 months $250

12 - 18 months $350


4 - 6 week touch up $150
12 - 18 months $299
24 months full price





Touch-ups/Refresh appointments are only available to existing clients who have previously had their brows and lips done at Glow Beauty Services. If you're not an existing client, your first appointment will be full price.


As long as your tattoo is visible, we can refresh it. However, if you have let the tattoo fade out too much, it will be charged at full price.


If you have had your lips or brows touched up at another salon then wish to return to Glow Beauty Services, please call the salon to discuss as we may not be able to touch them up if they are too saturated / uneven.

Feather Brows
Lip Tattoo
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