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  • How long do lash extensions last?
    The life of your natural lash (around 6 – 8 weeks). However, as we naturally shed between 2 – 5 natural lashes every day, we do recommend having an infill every 2 - 3 weeks to keep them looking nice and full.
  • Do you have a lash warranty?
    Yes we do! At Glow Beauty Services, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality lashes. To guarantee our client's happiness, we offer a Lash Warranty on all new sets and infilled sets completed by Glow Beauty Services (GBS). If for any reason, you are unhappy with your lashes or have lost an excessive amount without a natural lash attached, please contact us immediately to discuss. Please be advised that our lash warranty is only valid providing the following conditions have been followed: You arrived to your Lash Appointment completely Eye Makeup Free - this includes Mascara, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Contact to GBS has been made within 3 days after initial lash appointment. You must keep some of the lost lashes or take a clear photo to show GBS. If a repair appointment is required, it must be booked within 6 days of the original appointment. Any later therefore voids the lash warranty as your lashes have then been exposed to everyday wear and tear. Correct aftercare has been followed. If it is found that incorrect after care has been done by the client, the top up will now be at the client’s expense.
  • How do lash extensions feel when wearing them?
    They feel very lightweight, so you can’t feel them. Most clients tell us they are wearing less makeup since having our eyelash extensions applied.
  • How long does it take to apply a full set of lash extensions?
    Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours for Classic Sets and between 2 – 3 hours for Hybrid and Volume sets, depending on the number of lashes required.
  • How many lashes make a full set?
    Approximately 50-100+ lashes per eye.
  • Can I use eye makeup remover?
    Only oil free water based remover or cleanser may be used.
  • Can I wear makeup when having my eyelashes applied?
    The eyelashes must be clean and clear of all makeup and oils before you arrive to your appointment. Please also avoid wearing waterproof mascara 2-3 days before your appointment.
  • Can I wear mascara on my eyelash extensions?
    We do not recommend wearing mascara as it reduces the life of your eyelash extensions and it voids our Lash Warranty. If desired, we do suggest using only a water-soluble mascara on the bottom lashes only.
  • What are the prices of eyelash extensions?
    Classic Lashes 3/4 Set $80 Natural Set $99 Glamour Set $135 High Definition Set $145 Classic Infills 45 min (Express) $60 60 min (Standard) $75 75 min+ (Extended infill) $90 Hybrid Lashes A mix of classic and volume lashes$170 Hybrid Infills 75 min (Standard) $85 90 min+ (Extended Infill) $105 Russian Volume Lashes 2D Light Volume $190 3D Volume $220 (Most Popular) 4D Volume $250 5D/6D Volume $280 Russian Volume Infills 90 min (2D Light Volume) $95 105 min+ (Extended Infill) $105 90 min (3D/4D Volume) $105 105 min+ (Extended Infill) $125 90 min (5D/6D Volume) $115 105 min+ (Extended Infill) $130 Bottom Lashes Full Set $50 Bottom Lash Infill 30 min $30 Note: Infills are based on 50% of remaining lash extensions. If less than 50% of your chosen set is remaining an extended infill may be required. Please be sure to note this when making your appointment to allow the extra time.
  • What maintenance is required?
    We recommend that you lightly brush your eyelash extensions after washing your face to ensure they remain straight and in line with your natural lashes. You will be shown how to wash and care for them at your appointment. We recommend infills every 3 weeks and we will provide you with a brush for your eyelash extensions.
  • When can I not have eyelash extensions applied?
    If you have any eye irritations or infections or have experienced allergic reaction to eyelash extensions previously or pertaining to products being applied to your skin or hair.
  • How do I remove my eyelash extensions?
    If for any reason you wish to have your extensions removed, to please book in for a quick and pain free professional removal. Please do not attempt to pull them off yourself as they are grafted to your natural eyelash and this will damage your natural lashes.
  • What do I need to do for eyelash extension aftercare?
    Eyelash extensions are easy to care for. The same aftercare listed below will be discussed at your appointment to ensure your extensions last as long as possible. If you experience any irritations please contact the salon immediately. Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours. No swimming, steam rooms or saunas for 48 hours. Swimming after this time is fine as long as you rinse your lashes. Please try not to sleep face first into your pillow to avoid crushing the lashes.Comb your lashes daily, especially in the morning to keep them separated and looking beautiful and fluffy. Use a certified lash foaming cleanser on your lashes every day (we’ll show you how it’s done). We recommend Prolong Cleanser. Use only water based makeup removers and cleansers (oily/cream based products will shorten the life of your eyelash extensions). Avoid exposing your lashes to excessive heat e.g. saunas, steam rooms, BBQs, cigarette lighters, hot ovens, hot dishwashers, hairdryers and straightening irons. No waterproof eye makeup. Do not use strip lashes, eyelash curlers, tint or perm your eyelash extensions. Please avoid rubbing, touching/playing, picking or pulling your eyelash extensions. Do not forget to pre-book your next eyelash infill at 2 – 3 week intervals in order to maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions.
  • Who is cosmetic tattooing not suitable for?
    Pregnant/breastfeeding women Anyone under 18 years of age If prone to or have excessive keloid scarred skin – please contact for a consultation Chemotherapy/radiation patients – please contact for a consultation Sunburned skin Dermatitis or eczema in the area to be tattooed Skin that has recently had any sort of laser/cosmetic treatments Diabetic Type 1 Keratosis Extremely oily skin
  • Can I wear makeup to my appointment?
    Yes you can wear makeup to your tattoo appointment. However, we will wipe over the area with an antiseptic wipe before applying the topical anesthetic.
  • What will happen to my eyebrow hair?
    We recommend any hair removal (waxing/threading) to be done a minimum 24 hours before your appointment. However, it is preferred to come in with as much eyebrow hair so we can gauge the natural growth of the eyebrow. We will tidy the brow after the map has been created to assist in the desired shape.
  • What is the price for cosmetic brow tattoo?
    Feather Brows/Microblading - $399 Ombre/Powder - $450 Combination Brows - $499 Brow Touch Up/Refresh (existing clients only) 6 - 8 Week Touch Up $150 6 - 12 Month Refresh $250 12 - 18 Month Refresh $350
  • How many treatments will I need to do?
    Creating perfect brows is a step by step process and some people may require more work than others especially if they have sparse or uneven brows or difficult skin to work on. Two treatments are usually required. After your initial tattoo appointment, a perfection appointment is required 6 – 8 weeks later where any imperfections or colour can be refined.
  • How long does cosmetic brow tattooing take?
    Allow 2 – 2.5 hours – this includes consultation, pre-numbing, custom mapping and colour selection. Follow up appointments usually take 1.5 hours.
  • How will I look after the procedure?
    There will be no to very minimal redness or swelling. You can go straight back to work after the procedure. However, we do not recommend having a cosmetic tattoo procedure prior to a special occasion/event as the healing process can make your brows change in colour, become patchy or even fade away.
  • Do cosmetic tattoo procedures hurt?
    Topical anesthetic is used before and during the procedure to minimise any discomfort. There may be some ‘sensitive areas’, however most clients usually feel very little discomfort.
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